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Who we are

Bijoux italian designer

Ares  has over 30 years experience in the fascinating world of bijoux. We produce collections of  everlasting elegance, originality and perfect manufacturing. Thanks to competent fashion designers and able craftsmen, we create fine and exclusive products. Passion and creativity, precious materials and hand made skills: all this is Ares.

Excellent design, limited series and high quality products have allowed our long lasting activity to be present in the most prestigious point of sale - in Italy and abroad -  and in renowed magazines.

Our significant experience resulted in creating custom collections requested by high-level fashion designers.

Our secret? Love for bijoux art and....100% MADE IN ITALY!

Ares Group collections are divided into several styles, many creative ideas and various colours combinations.

We use glass, unique Swarovski crystals, resin jewelry for a fashionable product.



Important occasions

Refined, fashionable, elegant and unique. Exclusive jewels. Collier, necklaces, pearl necklaces, precious clasps, bracelets, earrings, brooches, watches...high fashion jewellery.

All products use jewellers techniques, from the hand made mounting to refined gold-plating.


Shining elegance

  Very feminine, sparkling and glamorous jewels, perfect for any occasion.


Stand out

  Lightness for this hand made resin jewelry and hand painted antique gold. Little masterpieces, unique models to stand out!



  Resin jewelry, brass, glass, silk strings for this original bijoux collection, with several colours and shapes.